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Soulful Elixirs

The United Nations designated 2015 as the year of light and soil.  It was also fittingly the year we ventured into South African wine, when a friend introduced us to Mick Craven.  Mick, an Aussie, had worked with some of our winemakers in Australia, including the late Taras Ochota when they were at Two Hands together, Dave Geyer, and others.

Mick reached out to see if we had an interest in working with his family’s brand.  We are always open-minded lovers of wine, so we possessed no bias about the region.  We told him we were interested but would need some more South African producers to make it work.  Mick then introduced us to Francois Haasbroek, Jurgen Gouws, and Johan Meyer, and we had our initial crew in place.  Since then our network has grown, along with our knowledge and love for the wines, people and country.

South African wines are often described as possessing an intangible attribute of soul.  Maybe it is our local connection to the Philly Soul that resides in the music and culture of our home town of Philadelphia, but we love this underlying spirit in the wines of South Africa.  It is an amalgamation of the country’s unique geology, old vines, spirited winemaking and vine growing obsessions of the land’s nurturers, along with a near-perfect climate (now that there is a bit of water) that make these wines incredibly special and soulful.