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About Saga Vineyards

Saga Vineyards is the latest project by Reenen Borman and his pals Fritz Schoon and Henk Kotze of Patatsfontein. Saga currently houses four wines under two labels (Patatsfontein and Sons of Sugarland). The story goes something like this: Halfway between here and nowhere, you’ll turn left into a vineyard that doesn’t look like anything special. Most of the time it isn’t. But sometimes it is. Saga Vineyards is born from these remarkable sites, often in unexpected places, growing fascinating wines that represent not just stories, but epic tales of adventure, persistence and survival.

Following in dad Jacques’ footsteps was always going to be a challenge, but Reenen Borman (also of Boschkloof) has made it look easy, in part by creating his own path. Along with Henk and Fritz, Saga Vineyards allows these friends to focus on what they believe is important, and things that aren’t important at all. Fritz is a break maker, businessman, and busy man. Nobody knows what he’s doing back there, but it probably includes family, baking or wine. In 2011, Henk and Fritz opened Hawk & Schoon, a boutique wine store, above Fritz’s bakery in Stellenbosch. It has seen a number of iterations, but in many ways this provided the first home for what is now Saga Vineyards; a way to explore a shared passion for wine, stories, and adventure.

As for the wines… the labels will change to reflect the next chapter in the saga, but the winemaking certainly won’t. Sons of Sugarland Syrah is, at its heart, about authenticity. The focus here is on vineyards that make wine in its most genuine form; raw, real and honest, to express the “true character” of the grape. For these guys, that means whole bunch fermentation, and aging in concrete. Nothing else. Rather than silky and polished, the wine is pure and expressive.

The three wines under the Patatsfontein label create a tale of terroir. In 2012, one Butch Alheit went in search of old vine Chenin Blanc for a new single vineyard label in his now esteemed range. At Patatsfontein farm outside of Montagu, he was convinced that he’d stumbled upon just that. Butch vinified a promising old vineyard in 2013, but logistical challenges prevented him taking on the vineyard in the future, as it might compromise his Radio Lazarus pick. Thanks to a family connection and a delightful twist of fate, Butch suggested that Reenen et. al take it on. At the time, they didn’t realize that his interest is what kept these extraordinary vines in the ground. Thank you, Butch. The first vintage of Patatsfontein Steen was bottled in 2014, with the help of another celebrated winemaker and friend, Charla Haasbroek of Sijnn. Since then, this wine has stayed remarkably true to its karoo-adjacent terroir, showing fynbos, salinity, texture, and a notable citrus character. In time, they introduced a second wine to the label called ‘Patatsblanc,’ a blend of Colombard and Chenin from the very same site, with Colombard welcoming peach and pear to the party. Both wines are aged in a combination of old oak barrels and concrete for 10 months. They are where they’re from.

And so the saga continues… three friends, four wines, and one new label. We can’t wait to see what this chapter holds.

  • Owners Reenen Borman, Henk Kotze, and Fritz Schoon
  • Winemaker Reenen Borman
  • Average Annual Production 5,000 cases
  • Farming Practices Practicing organic

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