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About Vino pH

Vino pH is an adventure in wine by a dynamic French & South African Girl Team, Pauline Roux (p) & Hanneke Krüger (H), two young, passionate women winemakers driven by a curiosity and energy for life. The are friends foremost, but make a pretty mean team when it comes to making things happen and creating magic.  They met being workout and running friends, while working together in the Paardeberg while Pauline was at Lammershoek and Hanneke at Adi Badenhort’s cellar.  Hanneke asked Pauline to join her in Italy later that year to work harvest on a project that Adi was running in Abruzzo.  It was there they realized they could not only run and party, but also work together.

When they returned home, the two put their heads together and created Vino pH. They both see wine in the same way, a product of science but also of the soul. They are driven and very disciplined when it comes to winemaking, passionate about wine and sharing the same work and life ethic. Curious and experimental, they apply their minds to puzzling tasks and like to understand the why and how, but ultimately rely on their feminine intuition and feelings.

They have sought out small sites that are organically farmed and started off in the first vintage with old vine Palomino in Piekenierskloof and then two vintages later found a rare parcel of Bukketraube adjacent to Adi’s farm on the Paardeberg.  All of the parcels are hand harvested and fermented without any additions.  The wines only see a kiss of sulfur at bottling and nothing taken away.  The resulting wines are honest, idiosyncratic and seriously good to drink.

The future is bright as Pauline & Hanneke expect to grow their little start-up and have high expectations!

  • Owners & Winemakers Hanneke Krüger & Pauline Roux
  • Average Annual Production 600 cases
  • Farming Practices Practicing organic