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Much like a record label plucks a talented artist from obscurity, our founder and president Ronnie Sanders scouts some of the best unsung wines. His palate and passion have been the driving force behind our portfolio’s success for more than 20 years. 

With a glass in hand and an epic playlist in the background, Ronnie and team love to share the fascinating and sometimes hilarious stories behind our wines. Building connections among talented, zany winemakers and loyal customers is how we continuously grow our portfolio in new and exciting ways. Unlike mass-market importers, we thrive on these personal relationships, and we’re fully invested in them.

We made a name for ourselves by importing emerging wines from Australia, including sought-after, honest wines from top producers. Today, our portfolio continues to showcase Australian imports — plus outstanding wines from around the world.

No matter their origin, all VSI wines are intelligently and thoughtfully crafted by people we respect. We’re thrilled to give these winemakers a platform and share their wines with you. Read more about our wine philosophy here.

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