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About Yetti & the Kokonut

The world has given us many dynamic duos, Batman and Robin, Sonny and Cher, the adding of Milo to milk…enter Yetti and the Kokonut. David Geyer (Yetti) and Koen Janssens (Koko) met in 2015 and set forth to experiment with grapes in exciting new ways, think of it as drinking outside of the box. With their feet in the vineyards and their tongues in their cheeks, a new breed of wines was created that needed minimal intervention. These creations have finally escaped the laboratory and are now available right here.

A friendship turned into a balanced wine making partnership, Yetti manages the winemaking and vineyards and Koko handles the sales side of the biz plus helps in the cellar. Together they make the wine. Strongly believing that it all starts in the vineyard, Yetti and the Kokonut always farm, co farm or have strong input into the vineyards they take fruit from. The name Yetti and the Kokonut comes from our nicknames given during vintage. These wines are colorful, flavorful and a little tongue in cheek. Best served with good friends and plenty of good vibes.

Website Yetti & the Kokonut Brand Overview
  • Owners Dave Geyer & Koen Janssens
  • Winemakers Dave Geyer & Koen Janssens
  • Average Annual Production 2,000 cases
  • Farming Practices Practicing organic

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