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Yetti & the Kokonut


‘Hipster Juice’

Rosé   |   South Australia - Australia


The name of the wine, coupled with the color, pretty much tells you everything you need to know. This is for the cool-kids and not meant to be a wine of too much thought but rather too many friends with whom this should be shared. Dave & Koen had the vision of a blank white canvas and having a lot of fun with heaps of colors. Some were painted with a brush, others by hand and a smattering of finger paints and even spray paint: Muscat, Verdejo, Cab Franc, Sémillon (of the red variety), and Sauvignon Blanc are the colors.

Three white grapes, one red, and one reddish (Sémillon Gris) were handpicked across a three-week period with “high flavor x bright acid” as the common equation.  White flowers from the muscat, exotic touches from the Verdejo, texture from Cab Franc, Sémillon brings freshness to the table and the Sauvy Bee makes it look absolutely catwalk approved.


  • Grapes: Muscat - Verdejo - Cabernet Franc - Sémillon Gris - Sauvignon Blanc
  • Fermentation: Native
  • Alcohol: 12.5%

Tasting Note

Show this to anyone and say ‘here’s what fun natural wine looks like’ and it ticks the boxes. Sour, redolent cherries and not-quite-ripe raspberries on the nose with a drop of balsamic vinegar, expressive roses, other floral tones from the Muscat and a mouthfilling texture.  It pops with fruit, loads of it, with an herbal twinge that leads to a gingery sort of spice thing going.  It is wild for sure but you know what you’re getting into when it is aptly named ‘Hipster Juice’…drink it chilled.

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