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Yetti & the Kokonut



Rosé   |   South Australia - Australia


The perils of 2020 started right from the start throughout much of Australia. Crazy, destructive wildfires in the Adelaide Hills were thankfully contained primarily to the Hills and didn’t affect adjacent regions much, if at all. The vintage was really dry in winter leading to a blazing hot late spring/early summer, but thankfully that subsided after a couple of weeks. The period leading into harvest was really ideal, though yields weren’t in the least. The dry winter cut this back from the go, then an early Spring frost in the lower lying areas of the Barossa wrecked havoc with yields. By this point what few grapes were set to grow, were sparse…but they were good. The Pinots and Sémillons in this blend especially felt this wrath. The rainbow amidst this chaotic storm is the fact that Y&K pick fruit from five different sites spanning a couple hundred miles in some cases and over a month of ripening time differences. This enabled them to really plot the course. The blend started in late January with the Pinots in the Barossa (yes, that is correct) and finished in mid-March with Cab Franc and Verdelho in the Vale.

Regardless of where ‘home’ is for these grapes and where they are headed to finish, chasing a fresh line of acid congruent to fresh fruit forwardness is the calling sign for ‘B’rosé.’ On their own they reflect this ideal and it is even better seen when working together. The parcels all saw a varying amount of skin contact with 2-3 days for the Pinots and Sémillon moving up to a week or so for Cab Franc and Vermentino in picking bins. Once fermentation decided to commence of the lots were pressed into a melange of vessels (stainless steel, old barriques and puncheons, ceramic eggs) which all aid in building texture and a ’roundness’ as Dave puts it. After finishing both primary and secondary fermentation they are given a small squeeze of sulfur prior to aging for three months. After this resting period the wines are then blended together under the direction of the Yetti & Kokonut and bottled without fining, filtration or sulfur.


  • Grapes: 29% Cabernet Franc - 25% Vermentino - 16% Pinot Blanc - 16% Pinot Meunier - 10% Sémillon - 4% Red Sémillon
  • Vineyard: 5 vineyards scattered throughout the Barossa (46%) and McLaren Vale (54%)
  • Vine Age: Varied: 15-35-years-old
  • Soil Type: Varied: Primarily sandy biscay clay loams
  • Viticulture: Practicing Organic (Cabernet Franc - Pinot Blanc - Pinot Meunier - Sémillons) - Certified Biodynamic (Vermentino)
  • Fermentation: Native – varying skin contact in an assortment of vessels (stainless steel fermenters, barrels, puncheons, ceramic egg)
  • Skin Contact: 1-3 days for Pinots and Sémillons - 5-7 days for Cabernet Franc and Vermentino
  • Aging: 3 months in a combination of stainless steel, ceramic egg, and neutral barrels
  • Residual Sugar: .2 g/L
  • pH: 3.56
  • Total Acidity: 5.4 g/L
  • Total SO2: 23 ppm
  • Total Production: 500 cases

Tasting Note

Energetic magenta. This is a highly aromatic but layered and complex über-rosé. Aromas of crushed red plums with figs, fresh raspberries, and hints of blood orange and lemon zest announce themselves on the nose. The palate is uplifting with full-flavored tones echoing the aromas and a little touch of vanilla bean and melon coming through with whispers of flowers along the path. The finish is high-toned and quite exuberant and bursting with fun and joy.

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