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‘Astro Bunny’

Pét-Nat   |   South Australia - Australia


Tim has kept the vineyards and varieties intact from 2020 edition but added a bit of Trott Vineyard Mataró into the mix this year.  2021 brought near-perfect growing conditions with beautifully balanced and ripe grapes.  It was certainly a welcomed site after the tumultuous (putting it mildly) 2020.  The Arneis & Fiano were first in on March 2nd, the Nero d’Avola and Zibibbo coming in a week later, and the Mataró at the end of the month.

The Zibibbo was given 24 hours pre-ferment skin contact to extract greater aromatics and the red varieties were taken from the press after just a few hours to provide a hint of color and then co-fermented with the whole-bunch pressed Arneis and Fiano in stainless-steel. The wine was bottled with 12 g/L residual sugar and fermented fully dry over the winter, resulting in a final pressure of three bar, resulting in the creamy mousse rather than aggressive fizz.  Interestingly the wine always goes into bottle a bright candy pink color, which transforms into the classic peachy orange over winter, a result not using any sulfur so the brighter red and pink color compounds fall out of solution.  After eight years of making the wine, the ingredients might change a bit but Tim stays true to the recipe.  Shake gently before opening to mix up the sediment, it not only looks better but also tastes better! Wild yeast, no additions, no fining, no filtration, no sulfur.


  • Grapes: 30% Zibibbo - 26% Fiano - 24% Arneis - 17% Nero d’Avola - 3% Mataró
  • Vineyard: Gums & Roses Vineyard, Riverland (Zibibbo) - Amadio Vineyard, Adelaide Hills (Arneis & Fiano) - Trott Vineyard, McLaren Vale (Nero d'Avola & Mataró)
  • Vine Age: 69-years-old (Zibibbo) - 24-years-old (Fiano) - 15-years-old (Arneis) - 11-years-old (Nero d'Avola & Mataró)
  • Soil Type: Varied: Primarily sandy and gravelly loam over clay
  • Viticulture: Sustainable
  • Fermentation: Native – whole-berry in stainless steel
  • Skin Contact: 24 hours (Zibibbo) - 2 hours (Nero d'Avola & Mataró)
  • Aging: 7 months in bottle
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Residual Sugar: None
  • pH: 3.81
  • Total Acidity: 4.3 g/L
  • Total SO2: 3 ppm
  • Total Production: 1,026 cases
  • UPC: None

Tasting Note

Nectarine orange color with explosive peachy, floral aromas. Frothy and foaming bubbles deliver mouthfuls of pink grapefruit and zingy cut-lime fruit with a smashable watermelon wetness providing great gluggability. It’s a fun one for sure! Chill down, shake well before opening, drink fast and often.

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