Episode 4 – Tim Wildman (Wildman Wines)

Stories From the Cellar
Stories From the Cellar
Episode 4 - Tim Wildman (Wildman Wines)

Today’s episode is with Tim Wildman of Wildman Wines​. At Vine Street Imports, we import his two “sibling” pét-nats to the US. Pét-nat is short for ‘pétillant naturel’ which is a fizzy style of wine that is made by bottling the wine before fermentation is complete so that some of the CO2 is captured in the bottle. We import both his flagship wine, Astro Bunny (a skinsy “carrot juice-colored” style), and the Piggy Pop, (a deeper Lambrusco-inspired style). In this episode, you’ll hear about Tim’s experience becoming a Master of Wine and why he chose to build his business around pét-nat. You’ll hear some hot takes on how he thinks Australia has yet to make its best wine, and you’ll hear why he doesn’t think the wine industry should waste its time “demystifying” wine.

Hosted by Charlotte Alsaadi.

Special thanks to SNACKTIME for the music!

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