South Africa


“South African Wine Has Never Been Better—Have Americans Noticed?”

For SevenFifty Daily, Caitlin A. Miller reports on the successes and struggles of South African wine in the United States. Miller questions, “With South Africa producing such exciting, high-quality, value-driven wines, why aren’t more American wine drinkers—and buyers—paying attention?” Our own Aaron Meeker comments on the excellent value of South African wine, and how the conversation about value can be the entry point into a greater conversation about the undeniable quality of this up-and-coming category. Meeker comments, “‘Show me what you have in your book from France that hits $18 wholesale and drinks like this 40-year-old-vine, delicious, single-vineyard Chenin that’s native-yeast fermented in old wood. I’m happy to have that conversation. I think that’s where [buyers] started to understand that if you sell these wines in a different way, you can get results and then eventually have a much larger conversation about South Africa.'” Read more here.