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Bloedlemoen Gin

Amber Gin

Western Cape - South Africa


Bloedlemoen Amber Gin is based upon the same, locally foraged base as the regular Gin.  The ‘London Dry’ style has taken a bit of a twist with four additional locally foraged Fynbos botanicals making it into this bottle, as well as honeybush for the natural coloring.  There is a bit more mouthfeel to this gin than the traditional one, and is really enjoyed perfectly on the rocks with a twist of orange.


  • Alcohol: 43%
  • UPC: 6009708010759

Tasting Note

Hints of warm, sweet, creamy caramel on the nose.  The palate is woodsy, spicy, and smooth with slight honeybush notes. The restraint of the spices and the fynbos flavors show the complexity of this gin.  It is warming with malt-like tones leading to an earthy, almost nutty finish with the juniper lingering.

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