Episode 8 – Trevor Clough (Digby Fine English)

Trevor Clough (Digby Fine English) podcast episode
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Episode 8 - Trevor Clough (Digby Fine English)

Trevor Clough is the owner and head blender at Digby Fine English based in West Sussex, England. Digby is a sparkling wine brand, and they’re the first wine producer to operate under the négociant, or blending house, model in England. This means they source their grapes from growers in places like Kent, Sussex, and Dorset, and blend the batches in their cellar at their headquarters in Arendal, about 20 miles west of Brighton. In today’s episode, Trevor (American-born but European-raised) shares how he and his husband Jason decided to quit their corporate jobs in London and launch into the wine business. You’ll learn about the various wine regions and soils that are actually quite unique and not just a copy-paste version of the “C word” (as Trevor likes to call it) from across the channel. Plus, if you’re curious how to market English wine in the US, there are some good nuggets of wisdom in here.

Hosted by Charlotte Alsaadi.

Special thanks to SNACKTIME for the music!

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