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Episode 10 – Mark Stephens (Deep Rooted Wines)

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Episode 10 - Mark Stephens (Deep Rooted Wines)

Episode 10 is with Mark Stephens of Deep Rooted Wines based in Walker Bay, South Africa. Mark is a regenerative viticulturist-turned-winemaker and is a prominent figure in the Cape South Coast’s new wave. The South Coasters – as they call themselves – are an exciting group of winemakers whose energy and enthusiasm resemble that of the Swartland revolution a number of years ago. Another one in this group whose name you might recognize from our book is Natasha Williams of Lelie van Saron.

Mark is a new addition to our portfolio and he’s unique in that he’s one of our only producers who makes strictly zero added sulfur wines. This choice is a personal one for Mark as he’s got a pretty strong sensitivity to sulfur, but he was fed up with going to natural wine fairs and being served unequivocally flawed wines and being told “it’s ok, it’s natural.” So he set out to make clean, low pH, sulfur-free wines under his own label. We’ve got two of his wines, a skin-contact Verdelho called “Touch Me” with a pretty unique label (keep listening to hear that story) and a textural Fumé Blanc.

In this episode, you’ll hear Mark’s story of how he came to understand the connection between feeling good and zero sulfur. You’ll also hear why he uses the term “wellness wine” when describing his wines, as well as why he decided to name his Verdelho “Touch Me”…

Hosted by Charlotte Alsaadi.

Special thanks to SNACKTIME for the music!

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