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Episode 1 – Mick Craven (Craven Wines)

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Episode 1 - Mick Craven (Craven Wines)

Today’s inaugural episode is with Mick Craven of Craven Wines based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Craven Wines is known for their single-vineyard bottlings, and their infamous skin-contact Pinot Gris – which, if you’ve been Keeping up with the Cravens lately, you’ll know has yet again gotten the red tape by the South African Wine & Spirit Board. Mick works in the cellar with his wife, Jeanine, to create wines that, despite the “dumb cliché” as Mick puts it, really speak of where they’re from. In this episode, you’ll hear how Mick got into wine, why he’s doesn’t like the idea of typicity, and why his winery neighbors have learned to come check in on him when he blasts Radiohead. Hosted by Charlotte Alsaadi.

Special thanks to SNACKTIME for the music!

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