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About Walnut Block

Walnut Block is the vision of two brothers, Clyde and Nigel Sowman, who have joined together to create a range of wines reflecting their collective experience and passions. Situated in the renowned Wairau Valley, Walnut Block Wines takes its name from the landmark walnut tree within the vineyard itself. The 17-hectare vineyard is located on the Wairau Valley plains, a dry ancient riverbed which has created a prime growing area for great wines, particularly intense aromatic Sauvignon Blanc.

The belief that the vineyard is the key to a great wine is at the core of Walnut Block. Labor intensive vineyard methods produce consistent, exceptional fruit quality; the use of traditional winemaking techniques and attention to preserving delicate flavors result in expressive and balanced wines. Walnut Block sources its grapes from its privately owned vineyard and adjacent sites that they control farming practices, which has been established for at least 10 years.  Only the best parcels of grapes are selected to make Walnut Block Wines.  The vineyard lies on soils ranging from shallow stony soils to alluvial sand and clay giving a great scope for developing the complexity that Walnut Block wines show.

Since 2002 Nigel has studied and practiced organics and has become a recognized authority on organic viticulture. Nigel is proud of the exceptional quality of fruit being produced using only organic practices. The decision to farm organically reflected the belief that grapes can be grown with a higher quality than those grown using conventional methods. As the vines have become more self-sufficient and naturally balanced, Nigel has seen a greater depth of flavor and improved mouthfeel in the wines. The vines themselves can adapt to seasonal variations, which result in consistently healthy, and well-balanced grapes.

Website Walnut Block Brand Overview
  • Owners Clyde & Nigel Sowman
  • Winemaker Clyde Sowman
  • Viticulturist Nigel Sowman
  • Average Annual Production 60,000 cases
  • Farming Practices Certified organic
New Zealand

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