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About Il Mostro

Il Mostro, or The Monster, represents the newest venture behind the team at Poggio Anima.  While Poggio Anima is all about delivering remarkable monovarietal wine values through single vineyard sites from throughout Italy, Il Mostro really pushes the boundaries a bit more.  The first two wines were created at the tail end of the pandemic year better known as 2020.  One of the longest practicing/certified organic farmers in Italy, and the source for Poggio Anima Samael was beginning to experiment with some more raw winemaking techniques and team Poggio Anima was listening.

What started as a conversation quickly moved prior to harvest 2020 to a reality, and Ragana and Longana were born as ancestral method sparkling wines of the white and pink colors respectively.  Using certified organic fruit, natural fermentations, and zero additions other than a bit of sulfur has now paved the way for what hopes to be a long journey ahead of innovative and fun wines from throughout Italy.  Stay tuned for what there is in store!

Il Mostro Brand Overview
  • Owners Ronnie Sanders and Lori Simon
  • Winemaker Federica Jasci
  • Average Annual Production 5,000 cases
  • Farming Practices Certified Organic

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