Forbes covers Australia’s ‘one-in-twenty-year harvest’ of 2024

“Far from being a monolithic wine-producing giant,” writes Jessica Dupuy, “Australia is a mosaic of microclimates and terroirs, each imparting its unique signature on the wines produced.” For Forbes, Dupuy covers the 2024 harvest season, including spotlights on Gant & Co. and Somos. Gant & Co winemaker Matt Gant tells Dupuy that “It’s been a fantastic harvest, one out of the box. The highlights are Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s a rarity for both varieties to look so strong in our more marginal climate, but this is a one-in-20-year harvest, and we’re super excited!” Winemaker Mauricio Ruiz of Somos has this to say: “I’m quite excited by this vintage. Usually, we have to worry about things not looking too big, ripe, or extracted, but this year, things seem a lot more moderate, so the wines should have real freshness and drinkability from early on.” Read more here.