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Episode 15 – Charla Bosman Part 1 (Sijnn Wines)

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Episode 15 - Charla Bosman Part 1 (Sijnn Wines)

Episode 15 is with Charla Bosman, the winemaker at Sijnn Wines located in a tiny town called Malgas at the edge of South Africa’s Cape South Coast. Sijnn (pronounced ‘sane’) was named after the Khoisan word for riverbank, as it sits up on the hill overlooking the Breede River about 10 miles from the Indian ocean as the crow flies. It is here, 25 miles down a windy, bumpy dirt road, that David Trafford of De Trafford wines in Stellenbosch, decided to start this passion project in 2000.

Fast forward to 2014, and in comes Charla, a bright eyed 25-year-old, with just the right amount of naivete for a person who is about to live an hour from the closest grocery store. In this episode, which is part 1 of 2, we talk about place more than anything, because if you’re going to understand Sijnn, you have to understand the isolated, breathtaking landscape where the wines originate. And, after nearly a decade making wine there, if you’re going to understand Sijnn, you really have to get to know Charla.

Hosted by Charlotte Alsaadi.

Special thanks to SNACKTIME for the music!

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