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‘Dry January’ reading on the science of low and no-alcohol wines

For Club Oenologique, Jacapo Mazzeo chats with winemakers from across the globe about how to make high-quality low and no-abv wines. Vacuum distillation, a process that lowers the boiling point of ethanol, is the most popular choice by winemakers. Mazzeo elaborates that vacuum distillation is performed at “reduced pressure, which significantly lowers ethanol’s boiling point. The lower temperature means that alcohol evaporates before all volatile compounds are boiled off, leaving a lower-abv wine whose flavours and aromas are closer to the original product.” But as one winemaker points out, “By removing the alcohol, some of the flavour is always lost, and with that you lose some of the varietal typicity.” So what can winemakers do to combat the loss of varietal aromas? Find out more here.