South Africa


Jancis Robinson on “reigniting interest in South African wine”

Jancis Robinson ponders the question of why more Americans don’t drink more South African wine. “I’m such a fan of South African wine, I’d like everyone to appreciate it as much as me. And producers and growers there really do need every bit of financial encouragement to keep vines, many of them venerable, in the ground,” she writes.

Among her greatest praises, she remarks that John Seccombe of Thorne & Daughters and Marelise Niemann of Momento (and Anysbos) are “very much part of the new wave responsible for reigniting interest in South African wine in the UK.” Elaborating, she notes, “Seccombe’s Thorne & Daughters wines have a particularly distinctive character. He is not especially interested in powerful aromas but goes for understated elegance and drive on the palate.” Further, Marelise highlights the merits of Grenache blanc. ‘The grapes are so well suited to the South African climate’, she enthused, adding, ‘especially for the future’. Read more here.