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Yetti & the Kokonut


‘El Doradillo’

Doradillo   |   Barossa Valley - Australia


This ‘yetti-like’ (in that it is rarely seen) Spanish variety in Australia (or anywhere for that matter) takes on an entirely different life in the hands of Dave and Koen. It is dazzling and bewildering yet familiar notes are aplenty…when nailed properly as it was originally planted as a distillation grape so it is large and rather baseline in notes. The gnarly old vines come from a small vineyard in Williamstown in the southern Barossa on gravelly sand. In order to put the ‘El’ in ‘El Doradillo’ the amigos decided to do some serious skin contact experiments creating a textural nirvana of sorts.  The block (a few rows) is a real head scratcher according to Dave.  One day it is a physically hard and innocuous grape and the following day they are large nuggets of sweetness and ample texture.

The boys picked the fruit when the acid is about to entirely disappear and then really make a mess of things. Roughly half of the lot is 1.75 tons of destemmed fruit atop 1.33 tons of whole-clusters.  The next portion was a ton of destemmed fruit atop a bed of a half-ton of whole-clusters.  The final component is 1.33 tons of pure whole-cluster goodness.  All of the lots are fermented without any additions in open-top fermenters on their skins, being hand/body plunged a few times a day for two weeks.  The wine is then stirred-up 2-3 times a day for one month.  The wine was then pressed from the skins and the lots were combined in stainless-steel for three months of aging.  It was bottled without fining, filtration or any sulfur.


  • Grapes: 100% Doradillo
  • Vineyard: Griggs Vineyard
  • Vine Age: 85-years-old
  • Soil Type: Gravelly, loamy river sand
  • Viticulture: Practicing organic – dry-farmed
  • Fermentation: Native – 50% destemmed fruit atop whole-clusters - 27% destemmed fruit atop whole-clusters - 23% whole-cluster
  • Skin Contact: 1 month
  • Aging: 3 months in stainless steel
  • Alcohol: 8.3%
  • pH: 3.67
  • Total Acidity: 4.6 g/L
  • Total SO2: 27 ppm
  • Total Production: 358 cases

Tasting Note

Crazy color is all that can be said – like electric Tang! Doradillo is at its best when the acid drops the slightest bit at harvest as the heady and intense fruit notes are ‘mezzo forte.’ The nose is a touch musky but in a welcoming manner with really ripe peach tones and a slight hint of catmint. The palate is effusive and trends exotically, which offsets the weighty and drying notes. It has a remarkable freshness and remains persistent throughout the lengthy finish.

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