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The Bolney Estate

‘Bolney Bubbly – Classic Cuvée’

Brut   |   Sussex - England


This is the wine that replaced the originaly ‘Bolney Bubbly.’  The ‘classic cuvée’ is based on the ‘classic’ Champagne trio of grapes. The chardonnay, as always at Bolney, is the matriarch of the vineyard. Her short temper and high-pitched voice are easily recognizable with laser-like acidity. Pinot noir sits near the throne, but never on it and will always walk behind ‘her majesty’ while being presented. The pinot noir softens the chardonnay and yet provides a weight for the chardonnay to be built on. Meunier adds a splash of fun, like a court jester. This is a delicious and yet quite sophisticated entry into the Bolney court.

This blend is based off of the 2013 vintage, making 80% of the blend. The grapes are hand-picked and whole bunch pressed to tank, each vinified separately. Sam made the selection with a vision in mind for drinkability and yet site specificity. The blend was produced with that in mind and put to bottle for secondary fermentation where it gained complexity and breadth on the lees for three years. The wines were disgorged and topped with an 11 gram per liter dosage. It may seem high but 13 grams per liter of total acidity is enamel ripping, so 11 grams of sugar is more than welcome. The wine is fun and still very serious.


  • Grapes: 55% Chardonnay - 43% Pinot Noir - 2% Pinot Meunier
  • Vineyard: The Bolney Estate
  • Vine Age: 7-35-years-old
  • Soil Type: Sandy loam, siltstone and clay over sandstone bedrock
  • Viticulture: Conventional
  • Fermentation: Inoculated – stainless-steel
  • Skin Contact: None
  • Aging: 4 months in stainless-steel followed by 3 years on lees in bottle
  • Alcohol: 10.5%
  • Residual Sugar: 11 g/L
  • pH: 2.84
  • Total Acidity: 13 g/L
  • Total SO2: 85 ppm
  • Total Production: 1,250 cases
  • UPC: 5060135650100

Tasting Note

A whiff of elderflower and nettle appears on the nose before creamier hints of autolysis and green apple come in. The nettle makes another brief, aromatic appearance while the palate comes together to balance bright, green-apple crispness with mellow, subtly rich yeastiness. The bubbles are fine and soft, the finish is brisk and enlivening. It’s a wonderfully harmonious, fresh apéritif style.

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