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Blood Orange Apéritif

Premium Non-Alcoholic Apéritif   |   Cape Town - South Africa


Any great occasion or social gathering necessitates a premium, mouth-watering Aperitif. ABSTINENCE Non-Alcoholic Aperitif provides all the richness and complexity of flavor, without the alcohol. An infusion of natural botanicals, Cinchona Bark and most significantly African Wormwood, the latter providing a unique South African spin. A mouth-watering appetizer for a guilt free Spritz or low ABV cocktail.

African Wormwood – Cinchona Bark – Allspice – Clove – Blood Orange – Spice Distillate


  • UPC: 781159133824

Tasting Note

Classic Italian-style bitter with a dominant blood orange citrus note, supported by an infusion of natural botanicals and a medley of spice elements. Most importantly, a unique South African spin with the addition of African Wormwood for bitterness. A mouth-watering, bittersweet mouthfeel.

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