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About Jasci & Marchesani

Jasci & Marchesani is one of Italy’s first certified organic vineyards and started the program in 1960 becoming certified in 1978, well before the marketability of this existed.  Currently, the company’s vineyard extends over 33 hectares owned by the family and 7 more hectares in sharecropping.  Sebastiano Jasci was called “lu lattàre” (the milkman) because he was a cow breeder who delivered milk to the lunch tables of the people of Vasto every day.  Actually, the whole family was practicing farming, dedicating themselves to table grapes and fruit trees.  This has been true until Sebastiano had the definitive enlightenment: Mindful of their ancestral tradition, he realized that their future would be wine.  Currently, mother Marchesani and father Jasci still have their eyes on the winery, while Nicola took the lead of the company.  His wife, Federica, takes care of the technical aspects of the wine production, while his sister-in-law, Teresa, handles the administration of the winery.

The vineyards are set up with row plants, the oldest of which dates back to 1953.  The plants allow us to cultivate all the grapes independently and then vinify them in the winery, which operates with renewable energy.  Each vineyard produces a different type of grape.  Grape cultivated in the Sinello valley are used for saline and savory white wines, while the clay soil of the hills of the mid-Vasto area produces the unique and sought-after Montepulciano Janù.  The secret of the production of this wine is the exposure and the temperature range of the Vasto hills.

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