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About Abstinence Spirits

ABSTINENCE is South Africa’s first non-alcoholic range brand covering all key occasions. The award-winning products are inspired by the rich biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom in the Western Cape, South Africa – the smallest yet most diverse floral kingdom in the world! ABSTINENCE is a range of sophisticated, layered, complex non-alcoholic spirits and aperitifs made using an artisanal hydro-distillation process. The range is currently comprised of three white spirits, a dark spirit and two aperitifs. The indigenous Rose Geranium, Buchu, Honeybush, African Wormwood, Aloe and Impepho are all part of the product mix, accompanied by a range of complimentary botanicals and spices.


ABSTINENCE was founded by Keith Stevens, who has 30+ years of beverage experience and is one of the true visionaries for the non-alc category.  He has put together a small but very dynamic team to fulfill this most recent vision of creating one of the world’s most important non-alcoholic spirits that represent the dynamism of the Cape.  ABSTINENCE is fully committed to being a carbon neutral company, utilizing the most organic ingredients as possible, maintaining sustainable relationships with farmers that have ethical labor practices and contributing a portion of all sales to the Bees & Biomes Project, which is committed to maintaining a healthy and sustainable bioculture of South Africa.

ABSTINENCE’S proprietary, artisanal hydro distillation process is remarkably similar to making craft spirits. The lack of alcohol as an extraction medium requires that even more of each of the botanicals are needed to end up with the desired extraction levels to deliver aroma, taste, and mouthfeel. Testament of their commitment to making superior, balanced products that cuts no corners and requires the same, if not more, love and attention than their alcoholic counterparts.

The distiller is the multi-talented and serially creative man that goes by the name ‘James’, who is an internationally renowned electronic DJ-turned family man and full-time distiller. James has always had a fascination with the alchemy inherent in the creation of intricately crafted, superior quality products. Liquid excellence is the only language James speaks, a pursuit of excellence that is confirmed by the string of awards in the ABSTINENCE trophy cabinet.

  • Owners Curated Beverages
  • Head Distiller James Copeland
  • Established 2020
  • Total Production 8,000 cases
South Africa

The New Mocktail

Non-alc and low-alc spirits and wines have seen a dramatic uptick in awareness and sales over the past few years.  We ventured into this realm in 2021 after being exposed to an excellent South African product called Abstinence Spirits.  The innovation and quality of Abstinence’s products is second-to-none and would advise anyone thinking these are […]
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